A solar collector on every roof!

Vision: A solar powered humanity that harnesses the abundance of solar capital efficiently and democratically in order to live in peace, and in harmony with the biosphere.

Mission: To monetize the solar capital with the highest possible efficiency and lowest environmental impact in a way that contributes equitable value for all parties involved, by designing and constructing sustainable solar energy systems that can be deployed at scale immediately.

Values: Humility, Honesty, Solidarity, Equity, Efficiency, Balance, Ecology, Community, Learn, Share, Innovate.

Solar Thermal's market is more than 1.8 Trillion USD/year...

HVAC and MEP systems consume over 60% of the energy used in buildings. Then the management of thermal energy for buildings represents more than 25% of the global primary energy consumption. The Green Building Performance Network forecasts that even with the implementation of deep energy conservation measures in buildings, the global annual thermal energy consumption by 2050 will still be 50 EJ (13.89 x10^12 kWh/year). This represents a total global market of 1.8 Trillion USD/year at a mean energy value of 0.13 USD/kWh.

Solar thermal is the best suited solar technology to address this demand sustainably. AEi's team for decades has developed mechanical engineering and plumbing solutions to deliver solar thermal energy for buildings, including commercial and industrial applications.

The AEi Team

Andrew East

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is one of the most experienced business leaders dedicated to solar thermal in the USA. As the Executive Vice-President of AET for almost a decade he has built and participated in the success of the some the largest solar thermal installations in the Americas.

His vision of "A collector on every roof" starts with addressing the commercial and industrial markets, where large scale solar installations can make the most environmental and economic impact.

Carlos Fernandez-Aballi, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Carlos has a career in developing technologies to harness the Sun's thermal energy. He has worked large commercial solar thermal projects with AET's engineering team and coordinated AET University (www.aetsolardirect.com/university).

Previously he worked at the Center for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER), in the Technical University of Habana (UTH), completed Engineering Design at Bristol University, UK and a Ph.D. in thermodynamics from UTH with studies at Ghent University, Belgium.

Nelson Hellmuth P.E.

Lead Engineer & Technical Director of the Board

Nelson Hellmuth is a mechanical/solar engineer and has been involved in solar energy work for over 35 years. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of Florida. He began working with Morning Star during the first rapid expansion of solar energy from 1980 to1986. He designed systems being installed around the country and other parts of the world.

When AET was formed, he began working with them as the Director of Engineering, continuing until today. One important job over the years has been to inspect and recommend repairs on solar systems installed by other companies that have not been working properly. This has been an education in the real world.